Skincare advice for teens

Mothers Day this year had me thinking about the influences of my mother on my early teenage years and current skincare routine. How the pearls of advice and guidance can be defining and habit forming.

I’m as excited as the next skincare enthusiast when it comes to new ingredients and new products, but sometimes in the quest for newer, better, more exciting it’s worth remembering core basic traditions and good advice that are still relevant for todays teens and skincare beginners.

Small things with long term effects, do we have a uniquely Kiwi take on skincare, is the advice we get from our Mothers similar?

Here are some of the teenage skincare and beauty tips I still draw on today, I’ve kept them brief.

Start your day with a big glass of water to rehydrate the body and activate your system.

  • Wash your face gently twice a day. In the morning to start the day fresh, in the evening to remove the debris of the day – perspiration, excess sebum, makeup, sunscreen, pollution/dirt etc
  • Use a fresh facecloth every time you wash and a clean makeup brush or sponge for your makeup.
  • Wash your face with luke warm water, water that is too hot will open the pores, overactivate the oil and cause red capillaries. Rinse with slightly cooler water.
  • Minimise touching your skin throughout the day, your fingers are covered in bacteria from things you’ve touched and it will transfer to your face and cause spots.
  • This leads nicely into, Don’t touch, pick or squeeze a spot ( fingers are dirty as above) It takes more than 7 days for a spot to heal if you squeeze it and one week to go if you don’t. Thankfully due to new spot treatment products, spots clear up faster but the temptation to touch is still strong, very unhelpful and can lead to scarring.
  • If you frown you’ll get wrinkles.( A constant repetitive movement like frowning uses alot of muscles and creates wear and tear in the skins collagen and elastin support network.) Train yourself not to frown or scrunch your forehead up.
  • Closely aligned to the don’t frown directive was don’t rub your eyes you will damage the skin around them, if they are itchy or tired just press them gently instead.
  • Use the best skincare you can afford, you only have one skin and it’s worth taking care of.
  • Don’t spray perfume on your neck it will turn the skin brown ( this is true as many fragrances contain essences and alcohol that make the skin light sensitive )
  • Always take your makeup off at night as this will allow your skin to shed dead skin cells, rebalance and repair.

The everyday bit of advice that modern mothers insist on today is sunscreen. I would add choose a licensed SPF so you know it has been tested beyond the protection level listed. Look for AUST L then a sequence of numbers specific to that product.

Our new Observ skin scanner allows everybody a unique perspective of their skin and its needs.

Please contact House of Beaute if you would like current skincare advice suited to your skin.

Thanks for reading – Robyn Prinsep, Salon Owner / Expert Beauty Therapist, House of Beaute

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