Observ skin analysis, see what the professionals see. Observ skin analysis will give you a complete understanding of your skin and it’s needs.

You will see what’s hiding underneath, how well your products are working and if you need to make a change. Use your analysis to choose the right skincare, sun protection and treatments. I am very excited to be one of the first salons in the world to provide Observ skin analysis to our clients, helping you to change the future of your skin. The skin scanner allows you to look into your skin, see the changes that aren’t yet visible on the surface and how well your products are working. Allowing you the opportunity to make alterations to your daily routine and treatments choices. Now you’ll be able to see what we see and truly understand your skin. A young client will learn how to protect for the future and a changing maturing client will see where to repair, replenish and protect. Don’t buy another product until you’ve had an Observ skin analysis.

How it works

The long term benefits for your skin from making the correct choices based on an accurate skin analysis diagnosis are very exciting. As one client said to me, ‘Robyn you’ve been telling me for years to wear sunscreen now I can see how protection is working’ Are you a little bit curious about your skin? The Observ skin scanner is run by an ipad app and takes 5 photos at different wavelengths, florescence and polarisation allowing you a unique look into your skin. 5 superbly accurate photos showing in detail the skins texture, pigmentation, hydration, oil flow, capillary changes and collagen loss, normally hidden from the naked eye. This may not appeal to everyone but it is incredibly fascinating and completely unique to you. Using the ipad we then discuss the photos with you. The images can be compared, overlaid and reference back to, each allowing you to see your skin in a new light. After your Observ session we will email a photo and the recommendations from your analysis for the next steps to take. Most clients link their analysis with a facial treatment so they’re starting with the best preparation. You can have an Observ skin analysis one of the following ways.

Observ, Changing the Face of Beauty

$45 with a facial or microdermabrasion valued at $118+ $45 with the purchase of two skincare products, one of them a sunblock or serum. $90 Cleanse, Observ skin analysis and recommendations $45 for students, no identification required. Choose Observ anytime, to protect, repair and improve your skin.

Client Testimonials

Tracey:I recently attended an event for the launch of the new Observ skin scanner. Robyn held an informative evening and I was lucky to be the first one out of the group to try it. I found it a simple process with wonderful results on how my skin care regime was or was not working and certain areas that needed attention. The results also helped plan what future skin care treatments I needed.’ Jo: ‘I’d recommend anyone to try this at least once. I’m going to make this at least a twice yearly part of my skincare regime and see it as way to make sure that what I do at home and together with Robyn in the salon is the best that it can be. After many years of having my skin cared for by Robyn and having many compliments over the years on how lovely my skin was because of that, it was very interesting for both of us to see ‘deeper’. Robyn interpreted the images and these reinforced for her that we were doing well and on the right track, but they did throw up one unexpected area that we now know to work on with salon treatments and what I need to do at home in order to prevent future problems. Robyn also highlighted to me one particular area where I need to pay a little more attention to in my daily routine – I’d been missing applying moisturiser under my brows so this showed up as dryness in the photos. One image that really shocked me was the one highlighting the sun-damage. I have freckles on the surface but to see how many more were under the skin was mind-blowing. Robyn was able to show me images of herself with various sunscreen products applied to different parts of her face, and under the UV light it was incredible to see the protection they gave. This has convinced me more than anything else that this is something I need to be paying attention to, and I regret not having heeded Robyn’s reminders about using sunscreen over the years! Kimberley: I have been seeing Robyn for several years. Over this time she has made assessments of my skin care regime and given me valuable advice on the changes I should implement. As Robyn has many years of experience in the beauty therapy industry and is frequently attending education and training sessions I have always felt confident in the advice I receive. I was therefore, initially hesitant to use the Observe skin scanning technology as I felt it may not provide any additional benefits. I was pleasantly surprised that whilst the Observe skin scanning technology confirmed the findings Robyn had noted in the past, it presented the information in a visual format which like with many other types of medical image testing allows the consumer to a better understanding of the of the extent of changes noted and how they may impact on the skin in the future if changes are not made. As the images are able to be stored it will be a valuable tool in monitoring any future changes to the skin and whether the changes made to the skin care regime are resulting in improvement and/or a reduction in progression in the changes noted. I would therefore recommend the Observe skin scanning technology as an objective way of recording the assessment and advice made by beauty therapists. It is a useful tool to educate the client and in the future allow them to clearly demonstrate how changes to the skin care regime actually result in changes to the skin as images are collected over time.

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