Experience the thrill of a beautiful St Tropez spray tan at House of Beaute. Classic, Dark, Express and Luxe Oil tan, perfect every time. We’re spray tanning experts. A St Tropez tan is fantastic for an all over even colour that will have you on the beach looking like a local, complimenting clothes on shopping excursions and enhancing your wedding gown / ball dress / special event.

When to tan

St Tropez Classic, Dark and Luxe tans need 6-8+ hours on the skin before you shower and take up to 24hours to fully develop so plan your spray tan one or two days before your event or holiday. If you tan in the morning you can watch the colour darken as the day progresses or have it later in the day, sleep on it and wake up tanned. St Tropez express tan gives you another option if you are pressed for time or simply don’t want to wait before you shower. Depending on how dark you want it the express tan can be showered off after 2-5hrs+. It will still take 24hours to reach it’s final colour.  


Your skin will tan regardless of its condition however a smooth well hydrated skin will tan beautifully and you tan last longer. Exfoliate at least once before the tan and moisturise your body well in the days prior. On the day of your tan please don’t apply body moisturiser or deodorant so the spray tan absorbs evenly. Have your waxing/shaving up to date and most importantly: bring something loose fitting and dark to wear afterwards or you may prefer to buy our after tan t shirt dress.

On the day of your St Tropez tan

Ideally don’t apply body moisturiser or deodorant so the spray tan can absorb. We have an after tan black t shirt dress that you can purchase or alternatively wear loose dark clothing. We will provide a disposable g string or knickers for the tan application. When we spray you we can get quite specific to your needs so we will discuss with you your colour requirements. Allow 6-8+ hours for the Classic, Dark and Luxe tans to establish before showering or heavy exercise. 2-5 hours or longer for the Express Tan. Remember the initial colour indicator will wash off with your first shower, don’t worry your tan is still there, it takes 12 – 24hours to fully develop.

Caring for your St Tropez tan

St Tropez tan will last at least 5+ days depending on your skin condition and then fade gradually and evenly. When showering don’t use scrubs or soaps on the tan, pat your skin dry with your towel and moisturise liberally. The more time you spend in the water, spa pool, ocean etc the quicker it fades. Remember a spray tan does not give you any sun protection so always use sunscreen. To continue caring for your tan and to top up your tan St Tropez has a range of homecare products available from House of Beauté.  

St Tropez Full Body Spray Tan

$59 for Classic, Dark, Express, $65 Luxe Oil Full Body Tan 4 formulations, each giving you a perfect natural looking tan. The familiar Classic St Tropez has been extended to include a Dark tan for those who love St Tropez but need it darker. Express tan if you are pressed for time, where you can shower after just 3-5hours +. Luxe Oil Spray tan for a luxurious skin conditioning tan.

St Tropez Duo

$56ea Bring a friend (each tanned privately).

St Tropez Prepaid

$320 Purchase a series of 6 St Tropez Spray tans and save $50. Valid for 6 months.

Ball Dress Tan

$50 Heres the link to more information on St Tropez Spray Tanning

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