Waxing, the most effective economical hair removal method. Legs, underarms, bikini wax and backs. We use a disposable strip wax for fast efficient hair removal and a sensitive skin wax for the delicate areas. The benefit of waxing is that it gives the perception of reducing the hair because the returning hair has a fine tip rather than the blunt edge resulting from shaving. For the legs the hair generally starts to return after 7-10days with regular waxers ready for another appointment every 4+ weeks.

Preparing for Leg Waxing

Let the hair grow! It needs to be at least 5mm for good removal. Exfoliate the legs before waxing to remove dry skin and don’t apply any moisturiser.

After Waxing

We advise no swimming or hot baths for 24hrs to avoid possible infection. To keep your legs super soft moisturise daily and exfoliate weekly.

Lip Hair Bleaching

Make your lips the focus again by lightening hairs that have darkened above the upper lip.

1/2 Leg Wax


3/4 Leg Wax


Full Leg Wax


Bikini Wax


Brazilian Wax

$75 Maintenance $60

Under Arm Wax


Arm Wax


Back & Shoulder Wax


Lip or Chin Wax

$22 (with a facial $16)

Lip Bleach

$30 (with a treatment $20)

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