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Facial treatments and skin treatments at House of Beaute start with a consultation to ensure we are providing the best possible results for you and your skin. Most of our facial treatments include a face, neck and decolletage massage and hand massage so there is time for you to relax and enjoy your salon experience. 

This blog looks at the various stages that make up a facial, revealing what happens, why these occur and how you will benefit from having a facial regularly.  

Eight reasons to have a facial

  1. You are just getting started into skincare and need advice to suit your age and skin type,
  2. your skincare routine isn’t giving you the results you would like and you would like an update,
  3. when you want to improve an existing skin condition e.g dryness, dehydration, acne or would like age management advice,
  4. you have heard facials are great and want to try one but don’t really know what happens,
  5. more advanced medical procedures don’t appeal so you would like to care for your skin with an effective facial alternative,
  6. you have a special occasion to prepare for,
  7. you already enjoy having facials and look forward to a personalised treatment and some quiet time in a familiar place,
  8. a facial is also the perfect experience to give as a Gift Voucher

A Beauty Therapist, Facialist, Skin Specialist, Aestheticienne, these are all recognised names for our profession.

Our role is to guide you on the right facial treatments & homecare for your skin age and skin type. To assist your skin to function at it’s optimum using proven techniques and products chosen for their efficacy and results. Great care is taken to ensure you and your skin have a positive enjoyable experience, so you become a regular facial convert and of course rebook.

After a facial you would expect to feel and notice your skin is smoother, lighter, cleaner, energised or calmed, hydrated and plump. Add to this an extra feeling of relaxation and skin confidence. Lets get started.

Arriving at the salon

When you arrive, expect a friendly consultation and brief arrival form so we start with a good understanding of you and your skins needs. This will include any potential allergies, health concerns or medication that may be influencing your skin, plus a summary of your current skincare routine. We prefer to chat with you at the same time as part of your consultation rather than send this form in advance. You may have selected your preferred treatment or would rather wait to be guided by us during this arrival consultation.

hydrating facial

At House of Beaute we have the Observ skin analysis machine as an additional option. This interactive technology will capture images of your skin as it is now to see within your skin and to refer back to for comparisons. It’s a super tool to help you learn about your skin, understand it’s needs and to guide your treatment plan. Please let us know in advance if you would like to include the Observ in your treatment.

Observ skin anaylsis

Preparing for your facial

There is no need to cleanse or exfoliate your skin before a facial. If you are already using a cosmeceutical product skip your retinol products for 48hrs before your facial.

Within the treatment room it’s like going back to bed. You will be given privacy to remove your footwear and top garments  ( bra removal is not required) however the straps will be slipped off your shoulders during the treatment. You will be tucked in, a headband or haircap applied to keep your hair tidy and the conversation continued regarding your skin. 

Facial influences

A facial is influenced by the health of your skin on the day of your treatment, it’s barrier strength, hydration, cell turnover, pigmentation, extrinsic ageing from external & life style factors versus natural intrinsic ageing from predetermined built in changes, the activity of your current skincare products and the seasonal needs of your skin.

Your personalised facial treatment will include the neck and often the décolletage-upper chest area for an all encompassing flowing sequence with products to suit your skin type, age and needs.

Once you’re settled in the consultation and analysis will continue with the first look and touch of your skin, does it match what we would expect to see? is there any extra history you would like to share? are there any skin changes or lesions that we shouldn’t be seeing that should be discussed?

Ultraceuticals facial treatments and peel protocols have different levels of activity so in choosing we can be very specific to your skin.

Facial Cleansing

All routines start with a double cleanse. It is the first step to get right in your homecare and the salon visit to remove makeup and dead skin cells, excess oils and airborne debris. Cleansing refreshes and prepares your skin for the next stages. 

Gentle Exfoliation

The skin is the largest organ of the body providing us with a protective barrier of which the very outer layer is called the epidermis. The skin is continually regenerating from within releasing old surface skin cells from the epidermis.

Staying with this brief explanation, most skins will benefit from a gentle exfoliation – unless you are very sensitive and have an impaired barrier.

All exfoliation processes should gently release dead cells, not harm the skin and may if needed include a natural (kind to the environment) exfoliant, a peel or microdermabrasion. They all perform beautifully in different ways to smooth the skin, refresh and prepare it for the next stage of the facial.

Facial peels and Microdermabrasion

For skins familiar with treatments or a skin requiring an extra perk up or deep clean this is when we would include a peel or microdermabrasion. Your Beauty Therapist will discuss these options with you.

Ultraceuticals professional peels can be isolated as a skin treatment category on their own, they can also be included in a facial routine. The Ultraceuticals peels or skin boosters we use are designed to be tolerated well by the skin so you get the skin benefits without extreme irritation, redness or barrier interruption.  

Peels offer a superb extension of your results– completely misnamed, peels indicate peeling when in fact a peels actions will include stimulating within the skin to trigger additional collagen production for extra skin strength, wrinkle reduction and pore refining. Boosting your own natural hyaluronic acid for extra moisture within the skin. Reducing the colour of uneven pigmentation or calming and helping to clear acne.

Azyme peel
Ultraceuticals Azyme

Microdermabrasion refreshes the skin surface using a gentle vacuum suction and works the microcirculation for an internal refresh by encouraging blood exchange and lymphatic movement ( the secondary circulatory system).

The skin feels lighter, brighter and alive like you’ve had a brisk walk. N.B microdermabrasion should always be comfortable and never drag the skin. Here are some of our microdermabrasion facials https://houseofbeaute.co.nz/treatments/#microdermabrasion

Skin Support The skin is supported by the muscles and bone structure underneath. At home and in the salon be gentle on your skin with your movements, work upwards and outwards, following the natural contours. Heavy repetitive contact and movements can breakdown the connective tissue over time.  

Dermaplanning Can also be included in your facial at this stage as another form of exfoliating and clearing the skin.

Dermaplaning temporarily removes all fine vellus hair with a sterile disposable scalpel blade. Refreshing the skin by removing the hair and dead surface skin cells from the whole face to give the skin a clean smooth look. https://houseofbeaute.co.nz/treatments/#dermaplaning

Only a Beauty Therapist should do these

Facial steam also known as vaporzone provides the facial area with extra moisture and warmth softening the epidermal layer. Facial steam can be included early in the treatment if your skin needs more hydration to assist with cleansing of dry, dehydrated and oilier skins, it can be used after a peel for a soft touch, it can be used before your serum or massage mask massage, creating a moist surface to assist with delivery. Facial steam adds an element of traditional salon luxury to your facial.

Extractions if they are needed will happen after a little steam or certain peels. Our professional role is to help find out why blockages are occurring whether it’s part of your hormonal cycle that we can work to preempt or another cause.

Pimple breakouts can be minimised. If your skin regularly breaks out with your monthly cycle it can be helpful to start a routine of regular facials before your period is due to cleanse and prepare the skin for the hormonal variation and additional sebum it can trigger.

Breakouts = pimples, blackheads and papules ( small red raised bumps)  showing on, within and under the skin can also form from incorrect products for the skin type, the wrong products for the climate / time of year or incorrect product usage, stress triggering hormonal changes, medication and illness etc .

A facial will always be the best environment for diagnosis and extractions so the skin is properly prepared to release the blackhead or milea and then calmed afterwards. This improves skin healing and reduces any risk of scaring or cross infection.

Benefits of facial massage

Facial massage explored The previous phases of the facial treatment help prepare the skin for the facial massage. There is always more to look forward to in a facial and a facial massage can make time stand still. The personalisation of your facial extends with the massage movements delivering and infusing the appropriate serum and mask.   

The focus for a face, neck and decollatage massage is to improve blood and lymphatic circulation. Improving cellular exchange to oxygenate the skin with fresh blood and nutrition, drawing away internal toxins. Improving the skins health and natural healing responses. Releasing facial tension in the muscles of the face, neck and decollatage, reducing puffiness, firming, toning and detoxifying.

To achieve this a facial massage at House of Beaute combines movements that connect with the acupressure points of the face, lymphatic pathways, and origins and insertions of the facial muscles.

These touch techniques and connections add another layer of relaxing benefits helping to lower stress (cortisol) levels, calming the breathing and clearing the mind. The facial massage is dedicated quiet time to disconnect and enjoy. https://houseofbeaute.co.nz/treatments/#facials

The extra steps

The facial mask usually features in the facial towards the end of your treatment however it does depend on the facial masks action so it may happen before or after the facial massage or LED light rejuvenation.

A mask can also appear in a variety of forms – hydrating hydrogel / radiant brightening cream / modelling peel off mask for additional product infusion and skin clarity / soft revitalising green clay.

All will enhance your skins response and your salon experience.

Hand Massage

To continue the benefits of touch and extra relaxation we also like to include a hand massage if time allows while your mask is working.

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting or Eyelash Curlng

If you have chosen to have an eyelash tint, eyebrow tint or eyelash curl with your facial, these extras will occur while you relax with the mask and hand massage. The timing flows nicely as your eyes are relaxed and the hair is receptive to the colour and or eyelash curl. 

Your facial can also include

Ultraceuticals Sonophoresis

House of Beaute - sonophoresis

Specific to the Ultraceuticals facial treatments, sonophoresis uses sound waves pitched to treat the skin in two different ways. Sonophoresis is often used in the cleansing stage of the facial to release surface debris, extra makeup and deep cleanse the pores. It can also be utilised later in the facial as a delivery method to infuse a serum, the treatment mask, after the massage or in some treatment protocols instead of the massage. A Sonophoresis infusion is warm and soothing, it and almost feels like the skin is being ironed.

Celluma LED light rejuvenation   

Designed to gently stimulate the skin’s natural collagen production and hydration. Suitable for all skin types. Celluma uses 100s of small LED ( light emitting diodes).

Red light at 640nm ( nanometers) energises the skin cells’ mitochondria to release ATP – its own energy. Encouraging the skin cell to function in a vibrant healthy way, boosting collagen production and hydration.

Blue light – 470nm, soothes and calms the surface layers of the skin making it ideal for rosacea flare-ups and acne. The light is safe, there is no UV light emitted or burn potential. For additional comfort protective googles are worn.

Finishing your facial

Hopefully this blog has revealed the many benefits of a facial available to care for your skin holistically using non invasive professional equipment, hands on techniques and proven products.

A consultation and cleansing at the start are constants, the body of the facial is guided by your needs. We finish your facial treatment with an Ultraceuticals serum, moisturiser and spf50 sunscreen for the day or the relevant night care. Naturally we want to see you again to follow up on your results and continue your care.

After you have changed, we will meet you at reception to recap the treatment recommendations that will continue to make a difference to your skin and also the skincare recommendations so your daily homecare supports your skin goals. We will go over the correct application and quantities of your chosen purchases and of course rebook you so we can see you again.

How often should I have a facial?

 As often as you can for immediate and long term results.

If you’re not sure which facial to choose, select a treatment that takes about 1hour+, during your consultation we can advise if a change is needed.

A regular 4-6 weekly booking is something to look forward to as well as being part of your ongoing skin health and personal wellbeing.

A course of 2-4 fortnightly visits can work wonders for your skin goals e.g wrinkle revision, heal acne, reduce the appearance of pigmentation, collagen stimulation.

The seasons change can be another useful reminder to refresh your skin and revisit your routine.

Always have a facial for your Birthday: we don’t quite take 10years off but you’ll certainly look and feel amazing!

Experience real results with proven products and treatment techniques. Please book a facial appointment now.


Robyn Prinsep

House of Beaute Salon Owner, Facial Expert and Beauty Therapist

Ultraceuticals NZ Top 10 Therapist 2023

Ultraceuticals NZ Top Facialist: January, February, March, April 2024


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