Dermapen needling, Collagen induction therapy The most advanced all in one treatment.

Dermapen needling is available to all clients interested in harnessing their natural skin healing response to stimulate the skins renewal of collagen and elastin. Professional needling can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve pigmentation, pores and skin tonicity.

How Dermapen needling works

The needles create tiny controlled inserts to encourage the skins natural regeneration (collagen proliferation) and repair it to a healthier state. Dermapen3 uses sterile, disposable, ultra fine, medical grade stainless steel needles passed vertically, horizontally and diagonally across the skin. Topical numbing cream is applied before the treatment if required so there is minimal discomfort and optimal results. After treatment the skin usually looks and feels flushed as if lightly sunburnt this will settle within 12-48 hrs. Some light dusty peeling can occur 3-5 days after treatment as the skin regenerates. Maintaining good skin hygiene practices, staying hydrated, moisturised and wearing sunscreen every day are essential. Improved skin smoothness is usually seen within a few days with ongoing results visible within a few weeks. The new collagen and skin improvements lasting for 1-2yr+ if taken as a series of treatments. You will see and feel a result from the first treatment. Collagen induction needling can be used to target the whole face, neck or décolletage. One area per session. We recommend planning your first treatment for an afternoon or weekend off.

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Dermapen needling $300each this includes sterile treatment pack and topical numbing cream. Dermapen needling is suitable for the face, neck and décolletage. Please allow 90mins for your treatment.  

Dermapen Needling $300

To prepare the skin for needling if you haven’t had a treatment for a while we do recommend a light microdermabrasion 2-4 weeks prior. This ensures the skin is refreshed, healthy and functioning well. To optimise results we use Ultraceuticals skincare products pre and post treatment for consistent and reliable results. Ultraceuticals SPF sunscreen is an essential. For clients already using Ultraceutials you may already have everything you need. An LED treatment one week after needling continues the collagen proliferation in the skin and enables us to assess your progress and plan your follow on treatments. Experience counts and we take time and care to ensure you achieve the best results. We have combined all 3 as a package: Dermapen needling package $495 ( 3 separate treatments ) 1st = initial consultation + Microdermabrasion and Observ skin analysis valued at $183, 2nd visit Dermapen needling $300, 3rd visit follow up LED valued at $90. Pay $495 for all 3 visits or $300 for needling only.

Purchase supporting skincare for home use and receive bonus extras with future treatments. Robyns experience: As a salon owner I did extensive research to ensure I offered my clients the best available, then to prove it I tested it myself. Here’s my story

Observ (TM) Skin Analysis The difference between good skin and great skin. Take control of your skins appearance with an expert skin scan, analysis and recommendations. Learn the right serums to use, the best sun protection & treatments, exactly what to use where and when.

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