Never forget you have a neck

Help your skin manage the cooler months with some subtle skincare changes to protect your skins hydrolipidic film ( natural oil and moisture ).

Never forget you have a neck and other skincare tips for home to help replace what cold Wintery weather has taken out….

Tight skin and you haven’t had a facelift.

If your skin is feeling tight after cleansing and desperate for moisturiser your skin is telling you your current cleanser is to strong for the cooler winter months. What suited in the Summer months can be to much of a good thing in the Winter, swap to a gentler option. e.g A milk cleanser if you have always used a gel, a cream cleanser if you have always used a milk. The lovely micellar cleansers are the new generation of comfortable cleansers and well worth trying.

Stay out of hot water. Shower or wash with comfortable but not scorching water. Water that is too hot will also deplete the skin of natural oils and moisture leaving the skin feeling tight and looking red and dry.

Keep up your water consumption, a hydrated body is a happy body, refreshing your skin from within. Hydrated skin cells make the look clearer, more even and toned plus the extra hydration can diminish the appearance of dark circles by assisting natural detoxification & hydrated pores appear reduced.

Time to go low

= if your moisturiser normally stops at your jaw line it’s time to go lower. The skin of the neck is naturally finer with fewer oil glands so responds well to targeted nourishing care and extra protection in the Winter.

The forgotten 5cm = remember to include the curvature between the neck and décolletage. Smooth your moisturiser/neck cream or night cream to include this area as well.

Desperate for moisturiser but it disappears too quick?

Change to a more protective moisturiser, one that contains comforting natural oils and humectants ( moisture binders). Add in a hydrating serum, a gorgeous night cream or both. I love the rewards of using a different replenishing product at night, the variety, the smell, the texture, the smooth ‘thank you for caring’ feel in the morning.

Keep wearing your sunscreen and or BB cream, skin cells are continually repairing and regenerating so if you keep protecting the skin by blocking the daily influence of the sun the skin cells will replicate in their healthiest form possible.

Exfoliate gently once a week to remove dry surface skin cells, so your moisturiser & night cream penetrate effectively.

An Eye cream keeps the skin supple so your eyes smile with you

Start using an Eye cream, everyday, sometimes twice. An eyecream keeps the skin supple so your eyes smile with you. Don’t wait for the wrinkles and creases. There is a suitable eyecream for every age and need so do use one and make a change if you aren’t seeing the benefits.

Peeling lips can indicate dehydration, if you’re super hydrated and still peeling, smooth on a natural oils lip balm to hold the moisture in.

If you’d like this advice and product recommendations personalised to you pop in for a consultation and facial.

Thank you for reading, I have included links to a couple of other blogs I have written that you might also enjoy. Robyn Prinsep, Facial Expert and Salon Owner



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