New Zealand Top Beauty Therapist entry

Robyn Prinsep –  New Zealand Beauty Therapy Awards 2017, entry for Beauty Therapist of the Year.

My influences, skills, extra training and interests in Beauty Therapy. The brief was to write a 2000 word mission statement referencing these. Here it is, in my own words:

If I could tell you exactly what is going to make a difference to your skin, would you like to know?

My goal/ mission statement when I started Beauty Therapy in 1987 was to help women make the right choices in a world of options. Fast forward to 2017 and it’s become a crowded market of product and treatment choices for the consumer- cosmeceuticals, organic, lifestyle brands, paramedical and more all jostling for attention.
As a Beauty Therapist we have a lot of knowledge and guidance to share.

I’m one of the lucky ones who found my passion and niche early. The opportunity to combine hands on care with a love of ingredients. Genuinely help others and contribute to my clients wellbeing and knowledge about their skin and it‘s needs. and be creative. I’ve turned all of the above into a 30year journey (and still counting) of enthusiasm and commitment for the Beauty Therapy industry. I love the diversity and variety of clients needs and treatment choices.

The greater part of my day is made up of skincare treatments. Fully qualified in all aspects of Beauty Therapy my original training from The National School of Aesthetics in Christchurch 1987/1988 dates from a time when the industry was all inclusive – we did it all, and I still do.

My skincare treatments include: Observ skin analysis, Decleor Facials, Ultraceuticals skin treatments and peels, Microdermabrasion, LED Light Therapy and Dermapen needling.
My massage treatments include: Decleor Spa Ritual massages, Hot stone massage, Pregnancy massage.
Beauty Essentials include: St Tropez Spray Tanning, Waxing using Caron wax, Refectocil eyelash and eyebrow tints, Nouveau eyelash extensions. Orly & Shellac manicures and pedicures. Ballet needles for electrolysis & red vein removal, Youngblood Mineral Makeup for day and wedding make ups.
It’s an extensive list but as I’ve grown up I’ve added to the list and evolved with it.

I was asked once by a Beauty Therapist and salon owner of 7yrs ‘how have you stayed interested for so long?’
I’ve kept learning so my knowledge of treatments and products is fresh. This has allowed me to add in what is relevant and choose what is really worth sharing and will help my clients.

My career started in Christchurch as a sole operator, I did alot of electrolysis which was fantastic as it addressed a very real problem for women affected by hormonal changes and inherited growth patterns. I still have original clients from this time ( just not for electrolysis anymore).

I was very fortunate to work in the Beauty Therapy industry in London & Hong Kong during the 1990s. In London for Estee Lauder as their head therapist. I approached them and was offered a coveted position to open a small instore cabine in Harvey Nichols. A role that had me based in Harrods & Harvey Nichols. I approached Estee Lauder because I admired their measurable product Research & Development and marketing. During my time with the company I received some excellent retail training, an insight into the benefits of a full consultation that directly related to better sales, promoted the brand and took part in a sunscreen product planning session. I was completely confident telling product developers their current SPF2, 4 & 6 were inadequate and not worth selling!
During this time in London Aromatherapy came onto my radar, I had always liked the idea of natural products and therapies. Michele Arcier had her clinic behind Harvey Nichols so I was influenced by both science and nature supporting each other.

In Hong Kong ( when it was still under English governance) I was part of a new start up salon for the expatriate community. Hong Kong already had 2000 salons but only one other for the international community. My ITEC qualification was very well regarded in both cities and my people skills, good work ethic and professionalism well established.
This international experience was pivotal to my future and learning as it exposed me to many different nationalities skin types, peoples working environments and the climate influences of two super cities. Both polluted and one extra hot and humid during the Summer. It further highlighted the damaging impact of our Southern hemisphere sun, I was seeing even more skins and all of them ( apart from the Australians) were better than those I had cared for in NZ.
Hong Kong residents were beauty savvy, loved anything to do with body care and everything new. I came into contact with Glycolic acid & mixed AHA peels, Vitamin C10, Microcurrent Facials, Ionothermie Faradic & Galvanic Body Wrap and G5, both for cellulite treatments and body toning.

Just as exciting, it exposed me to clients happy to purchase product, rebook and visit consistently. Clients who had grown up with Beauty Therapy as a part of their culture, a non negotiable part of their everyday existence.
I came back to New Zealand convinced that everyone was ready to embrace regular skin & body care treatments, protect their skin from the sun and make the most of Beauty Therapy services and their potential.

Happily self employed in Christchurch at House of Beaute I have been a hands on therapist for 23years, building my clientele and list of services!

Beauty Therapy has always been for me about hands on care. Look after your clients and they’ll look after you.
I have positioned myself as an expert Beauty Therapist who can recommend a routine to suit your skin type, skin age, budget, interest level and needs. I have included technology to support this holistic approach to skin health confident that with the right homecare products to support the salon visit fantastic results can be achieved.

My mantra is, It’s never too late to start looking after your skin.

I only sell and recommend products I love. I have 2 extraordinary skincare ranges in Ultraceuticals and Decleor that allow me to respond to every skincare need. I have worked with Ultraceuticals for 12years and Decleor for 22years. Both have professional treatments that use products and protocols different to my client’s homecare routine. This is important to me. Decleor has beautiful spa ritual treatments using aromatherapy and botanicals. Ultaceuticals Vitamin and peel focused treatments. Both skincare companies recognise the varying and changing needs of skin age, skin types and skin concerns and they are always innovating and evolving.
I advise my clients to adjust their routine to suit the time of year and their changing skin, both brands keep up with this.
They also offer excellent professional training and support. For the major part of my career I have been influenced by my original skincare choices which in essence is exactly what I recommend to my clients – when you use the right products for your skin type and age you’ll get the results.

13yrs ago I introduced Diamond (crystal free) Microdermabrasion and St Tropez spray tanning to my clients.

Thankfully early adopters and clients of all ages trusted me on this one! I really enjoyed sharing something so dramatically different with my clients and seeing fantastic results. Microdermabrasion super charged my facials and you can’t beat a great Spray Tan to make you look and feel fabulous. Both have been hugely successful.

I incorporate microdermabrasion into most of my facial treatments. Different attachments allow me to gently treat all skin types, comfortably refreshing, repairing and rejuvenating the skin. The skin is then very receptive to the products introduced via massage or sonophoresis. My clients love how smooth and alive their skin feels and they still receive a lovely hands on experience with the massage, mask and hand massage rituals.

Spray Tanning was the perfect answer to my sun smart message, preparing clients for their holidays and special events with a natural all over tan. Plus St Tropez has been a dream product to work with.

I introduced LED Light therapy in 2013 to further enhance my clients skin results. For my own sake I tested and measured this before introducing it to make sure everyone would get the promoted results.
In 2015 I sat and passed the NZ Laser IPL and Laser Core Essentials course so that if I ever decided to take that step I would have the knowledge to make the right choice. I also upskilled and offered Dermapen needling for those clients who wanted to harness their own wound healing response and push the boundaries of their treatments with a therapist they knew. I have introduced this slowly so I could test, record and share my own results.
To support this I introduced the Observ skin scanner to my clients also in 2015. This has proven to be a revelation for all of us. Clients could finally see what I was seeing and truly understand why I kept talking about the importance of sunscreen, eyecare, exfoliating, having a microdermabrasion, LED or considering Dermapen needling.
The ability to capture a time and then compare back to it is very powerful. We’re all ageing and changing but not quite so fast now, by including Observ my clients have been able to see with follow up scans that they can easily achieve great results with the right homecare and supporting salon treatments.

Adapting and learning new things keeps me energised.

One of the biggest background influences for me has been technology.
For 17years I have used Beautyware salon software to help run my appointment book, SMS appointment reminders & marketing emails to keep in touch with clients, stock control etc. I can’t imagine ever being without it.
Similarly, the internet and all it has to offer. I have had a website for 14years. This has been a fantastic way to share my style of working and showcase the variety of treatments I have available. Promotions and newsletters can easily be added and shared with the world.
I usually have no shortage of things to share just the time to create them. I have enjoyed writing a few informative blogs – posted on the website and to social media. I also use Mailchimp for quick colourful measurable contact. Facebook and other social media platforms that have made me get out there and self-promote.
Between Beautyware KPIs, web analytics, Adwords results and Mailchimp opens all my maths, marketing and tech interests are well ticked.
Beauty Essentials – eyebrow shaping, eyelash tinting, waxing, manicures and pedicures can all be a part of my day as well. Treatments that make a great impression and enjoyable difference. The one treatment I encourage everyone to have regularly is an eyebrow shape and tint if needed. An instant face lift for maturing clients, face defining for everyone. We have 30seconds to make a first impression, well cared for skin and brows speak volumes.
The finishing touch: Youngblood Mineral Makeup. A little bit of colour is good for everyone. I relish the chance to get a bit creative, apply some colour and share makeup tips with my clients.

That zen like moment when my client relaxes in the chair and let you take over.

Beauty Therapy, Massage, Makeup, I love it all.

I’m excited about the future of the Beauty Therapy industry. The current focus on wellness and personal care. The comfortable co- existence of the appearance medicine market alongside Beauty Therapy. The potential growth of New Zealand natural skincare ranges. I can already see the results of a whole generation growing up using sunscreen and protective makeup.
To support my submission, I have included three clients from the past fortnight. Each highlighting the work I do. I haven’t asked clients to commit to extra treatments or products. I wanted to show the normal rhythm of my work. All three ladies were booked and keen to participate when asked.
Robyn has just made a start with me and is moving onto Ultraceuticals. Clare loves the Decleor products and rituals. Melissa by her own admission relies on me to get her skin back on track, she uses Decleor skincare and Ultraceuticals sunscreen.
I often hear ‘I don’t know what I would have looked like if I hadn’t cared for my skin’
Why wonder, you are your own lifetime experiment, embrace all that Beauty Therapy has to offer and enjoy how you look.

Thank you
Robyn Prinsep
Expert Beauty Therapist

In addition to the treatment results of the three clients ( names changed ) supplier and client endorsements were also required.

Aug’17 Feedback on my application is to come but I have been advised I have not made it to the next stage. Participating and revisiting my achievements has been a very positive experience. Thank you taking an interest.

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