Observ skin analysis the future of great skin

Observ skin analysis, the future of your skin. Take control of your skins appearance. You want results, we want results, now we can see them and compare.

Would you be interested if you could analyse your skin now, see what’s hiding underneath, see how well your products are working or if you need to make a change?

I am very excited to launch the worlds latest skin scanning technology to House of Beaute. The Observ Skin Scanner and app run through an ipad. We’re ahead of the curve on this one and embracing change.

The Observ skin scanner allows you to look into your skin.

See the changes that aren’t yet visible on the surface and how well your products are working. Allowing you the opportunity to make alterations to your daily routine and treatments choices. Now you’ll be able to see what we see and truly understand your skin.

A young client will learn how to protect for the future and a changing maturing client will see where to repair, replenish and protect.

The Observ produces detailed true images that can be compared and referenced back to, helping to reinforce your treatment results and homecare choices.

5 real photos of your skin in superbly accurate detail showing texture, pigmentation, hydration, oil flow, capillary changes and collagen loss all normally hidden from the naked eye. We will email you a photo and recommendations from your Observ session.

What has the scanner has revealed so far:

The Observ skin analysis is not a computer generated algorithim so every skin is different and your results will be unique to you.

Within our own client base we have already viewed – the differences in pigmentation from sun damage between skins that have grown up in NZ v overseas and in another sun impact example the difference between being a passenger and a driver.  The influence of sickness on surface secretions ( remembering the skin is an excretory organ regulating the bodies temperature) – in this instance we altered our treatment approach. Young skin v mature = hormonal activity in young skins showing heightened congestion and fluorescence v vascular changes and thinning skin in mature skin.

Increased keratinisation indicating a need for improved exfoliation. Dehydration around the eyes from incorrect eye care application and of course we’ve seen lots of good news too!

Some results we’ve expected to see and alot have been surprises, things that aren’t visible to the naked eye. The long term benefits for your skin from making the correct choices based on an accurate skin analysis diagnosis are exponential. It is very exciting.  As one client said to me, ‘ Robyn you’ve been telling me for years to wear sunscreen now I can see how protection is working’ The following image shows Ultraceuticals sunscreen at work- the dark patches applied demonstrate how effective this sunscreen is at blocking the UV light in the areas it has been applied. Are you a little bit curious about your skin?

UC sunscreen demonstration in the Observ

dark patches = Ultraceuticals sunscreen, invisible to the naked eye but showing excellent protection in the Observ

When should I have an Observ?

I recommend having an Observ skin analysis with your facial to establish a starting point then look at how your skin changes seasonally.
– Follow up every 3-4 months to track the influences of the changing seasons – the app allows us to position your face in the same position as your last set of photos.
– Look before and after Summer to reinforce the benefit of sunscreen and your skin protecting regime to check how effective it is.
– Have an Observ to compare before and after a treatment series,
– Definitely a birthday treat to address changes…

Choose Observ anytime, to protect, repair and improve your skin. Observ, Changing the Face of Beauty. What will you learn?

Book your first Observ skin analysis to receive a clear picture of your skin with a facial, at the start of a treatment series or as a standalone treatment. http://houseofbeaute.co.nz/beauty-therapy/observ-skin-analysis/


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Robyn Prinsep,Advance Beauty Therapist/Electrologist


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