Open for 2020

We’re back and looking forward to seeing and caring for you in 2020. Plan and book 2-3 visits in advance for your best times and of course continued results. 

Focused facial treatments for the current season are – Radiance Acclerator – everything your skin needs to refresh, hydrate and balance pigmentation. Remember all our rituals are full facial treatments so you can look forward to facial massage as well as a targeted treatment that includes microdermabrasion. 

Vitabrasion vitamin c antioxidant facial to help neutralise the suns impact on the skin and refresh and rehydrate. 


30years of expertise to share with you for your best skin

Microdermabrasion, Intraceuticals Oxygen hydrating facial, Dermapen needling, LED light rejuvenation, Ultraceuticals Vitamin A peel, Lactic hydrating peel, toning facial massage techniques. 

“Beauty Therapy and Facial Therapy are my passions. Experience the difference regular treatments and relaxation can make”

Robyn Prinsep

Expert Beauty Therapist/Salon Owner


See your skin the way we do and learn how to target your skincare

House of Beaute Observ Skin analysis We really really want you to experience the latest and best skin scanning technology in the world. See exactly what your skin needs and how subtle changes can improve it. Don’t buy another product until you’ve had an Observ. This analysis is suitable for all ages and skin types. Use the skin analysis to benchmark your skin and track it’s changes, test your sunscreen / foundation/ moisturiser to see how much protection it is providing and even improve your skin with the suggestions from the analysis. Every skin is different- what will yours show?   $45 with your facial / skin treatment. Your Observ analysis will include a cleanse, skin scan, explanation of the scan and recommendations. You will be amazed what you learn about your skin.

Love the look and feel of your skin after a expert professional treatment

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