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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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We’re taking a break this year, starting fresh Monday 11th January in 2021

Wishing you a joyous holiday season, thank you for your support, we’ll look forward to seeing you again soon.

The ABCs of serums

Day & Night to activate your skin to be as healthy as it can be. An Ultraceuticals programme allows you to target your main skin concern. Quality tested and proven ingredients like Vitamin C and Vitamin A can assist with new collagen formation, hydration, pigment lightening and wrinkle revision. Both are antioxidants so help to protect the skin cell from free radical damage. Choose Vitamin C for daily boost right where your skin needs it- within the dermis and Vitamin A for night time rejuvenation.

So you achieve the best results possible protect your skin everyday with Ultraceuticals broad spectrum UV protection. 100ml $93.00

In Salon Treatment Companion –

Hydrate & Firm for improved collagen production & skin health. $155.00

Azyme for the powerhouse of salon treatments – Stage 1 = $185.00 or for existing Ultraceuticals clients $210.00 with a pre peel.


See your skin the way we do and learn how to target your skincare

See exactly what your skin needs and how subtle changes can improve it. Don’t buy another product until you’ve had an Observ. This analysis is suitable for all ages and skin types. Use the skin analysis to benchmark your skin and track it’s changes, test your sunscreen / foundation/ moisturiser to see how much protection it is providing. Expect to improve your skin with the suggestions from the analysis. Every skin is different- what will yours show?¬† $45 with your facial / skin treatment. Your Observ analysis will include a cleanse, skin scan, explanation of the scan and recommendations. You will be amazed what you learn about your skin.

Love the look and feel of your skin after a expert professional treatment

Call now and we can book a treatment and time that suits you

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