Serum layering can help reduce wrinkles

Serum used daily can help keep the wrinkles at bay and improve many other skin care concerns. Layering your serums and skin care products takes it a step further and makes each one more potent, maximising results. You can use 1, 2, 3 or more serums to treat your concerns – Wrinkles, pigmentation, hydration, open pores.

Adding one more product like a serum will be sufficient for many people, this blog is intended to cover all the options – getting started with serums and combining your serums and products for the best results. I have used Ultraceuticals as an example range, the same basic principles and combinations will apply to any cosmeceutical range.

Serum the thinnest product is always applied first.

Apply it after cleansing to skin that has been pat dried.

Allow time for your serum to penetrate  – some even benefit from a little extra massaging in, seal it in with a moisturiser and if it’s the morning follow with your daily sun protection.

Choose a serum for day, one for night, one over another, all have antioxidant properties so they are multiactive power packs.

If you are new to serums start with just one and allow your skin to adapt to it – take baby steps and follow the recommended dosage as too much of a good thing to soon can cause the skin to over desquamate – lose protective surface skin cells and dehydrate rather than improve.

When you are ready to use more than one serum follow our ABC of serums to help you layer like a Pro =

Serum containing Vitamin A before B, A before C, keep Bs & C at different times of the day.

Choose your first serum based on your main concern.

Vitamin A Skin Perfecting – ‘ A ‘ for ageing and acne

Proven time and again to improve the signs of ageing Ultraceuticals Pure Vitamin A (Retinol) supports healthy cell turnover softening fine lines and age spots, improving the tone and smoothness of the skin. Ultraceuticals encapsulation method ensures the retinol is comfortably absorbed. Accompanied by peptides to stimulate collagen synthesis, bisabolol from chamomile to calm and liquorice to reduce redness and improve tolerance. Ultraceuticals Vitamin A is suitable for 1st time users, sensitive skins and advanced concerns. Vital to everyones routine. This is a serum that you ease into a couple of times a week at night before your moisturiser to allow your skin to adapt. During the day apply a full broad spectrum sunscreen so your new regenerating skin is well protected. Serum Layering: ‘ A ’ can be used before B2 serum and at a different time before C serum followed by moisturiser and sun protection.


Vitamin C Firming Serum – ‘C ‘ for new collagen

Vitamin C serum

Beauty and science

10% Pure Vitamin C is one ingredient every skin needs for new collagen formation yet it is not naturally created in the body. Applied topically you get it where you need it fast.  A powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C helps to prevent the oxidative damage caused by free radicals, it can also increase the collagen production within fibroblast ( collagen & elastin) cells by up to 300%. Ultraceuticals take their Vitamin C serum a step further and include a peptide – Microelastin, to support and heal the skin through cell renewal, strengthen capillary walls and improve the appearance of the first signs of ageing. While collagen gives skin its structure, elastin helps the skin tissues to resume their shape after stretching or contracting. When the peptide Microelastine is applied to the skins surface the skin is essentially tricked into thinking the elastin is breaking down so goes into repair mode, therefore producing more and strengthening the skin. Serum Layering: ‘C’ can be used after Vitamin A, followed by moisturiser and sun protection.


hydration for the skin

Ultraceuticals B2

Ultra Hydrating B2 serum –

Get a double dose of B vitamins right where you need it.
ProVitamin B5 (D-Panthenol ), Vitamin B3 ( Niacinamide) & Hyaluronic Acid.
As the weather cools and the skin requires more moisture use this serum daily under your regular moisturiser to add to it’s hydrating effect, reduce redness, plump fine lines and provide extra comfort.
Results are instant and cumulative.
ProVitamin B5 – is both a humectant and emollient enhancing the skins natural water retention and tissue repair capabilities.
Vitamin B3 – niacinamide is a valuable cell communicator stimulating microcirculation in the dermis. It has a growing reputation for being able to treat uneven skin tone, as well as improving texture and elasticity. It is an excellent ingredient if you have wrinkles and breakouts!
Hyaluronic Acid has the ability to hold more than 1000 times it’s weigh in water making it a key moisturising ingredient. It also helps reduce water loss and provides a dewy silky, feel to the skin. Oil free, this is a terrific beauty booster for all skin types and a great one to start with. Serum Layering: ‘B’ can be used after Vitamin A, followed by moisturiser and sun protection.

Brightening Serum –

Award winning product to control and minimise the appearance of hormonal and sun induced pigmentation.
A major advance in pigmentation skin care this serum is formulated with a unique blend of proven botanical skin lightners, pigment blockers and gentle exfoliants for improved skin luminosity and clarity. The botanical ingredients work to inhibit the action of tyrosinase( the enzyme responsible for pigmentation within the melanocyte) and to lighten existing uneven colour by increasing epidermal turnover. This Ultraceuticals serum can be used AM & PM to help minimise the appearance of sun marks and uneven pigmentation. For enhanced results follow with moisturiser and use Ultraceuticals daily sun protection.

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Robyn Prinsep

Salon Owner / Expert Beauty Therapist

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