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Spray Tanning tips to make your spray tan experience effortless. Experience the thrill of a beautiful St Tropez spray tan at House of Beaute. Enjoy a perfect all over colour every time.
St Tropez spray tan adapts to your own skin tone so it suits you. You’ll never look orange or over tanned. Imagine a colour so good you will arrive on the beach looking like a local. Beautiful for enhancing your wedding gown/ball dress and perfect for complimenting your clothes on shopping excursions.

Spray tanning professional tips

There are a few simple tips we can share to help you optimise your spray tanning experience. The key thing is don’t worry, St Tropez spray tanning at House of Beaute follows a professional application and the colour is superb.

Your skin will tan regardless of its condition and current natural colour. A smooth well cared for skin will always tan beautifully and the spray tan last longer. Definitely exfoliate at least once before the tan and moisturise your body well for a few days prior.  On the day of your tan please don’t apply body moisturiser or deodorant so the spray tan can absorb evenly. Have your waxing/shaving up to date and bring something loose fitting and dark to wear after your spray tan. If your need for a tan is spontaneous don’t worry the colour will still look fabulous. The colour indicator in the product can transfer onto lighter coloured clothing – it will wash out but darker loose clothing works best. If your dress is strapless we recommend not putting on your bra afterwards. Definitely leave the skinny jeans, boots and socks at home.

When to tan

If you tan in the morning you can watch the colour darken as the day progresses or have your spray tan later in the day – sleep on it and wake up tanned. There is no right or wrong time to spray tan it’s personal preference and convenience.

St Tropez spray tan offer 3 professional spray tanning formulas. Classic, dark and express tan, each colour perfect.

St Tropez Classic and Dark tans need 6-8+ hours on the skin before you shower and will take up to 24hours to fully develop so plan your spray tan one or two days before your event or holiday.

Thursday night is the best spray tanning night for Saturday events. If you are heading away on holiday book the day before you leave. For a wedding spray tan book 2 days before. For weddings please note: until you shower the tan indicator will transfer to clothes. Please don’t plan a final dress fitting if your spray tan guide colour hasn’t been showered off.

The new express tan gives everyone another option if you are pressed for time, don’t want to sleep in the tan indicator or simply don’t want to wait before you shower. The tan doesn’t develop any faster but can be showered off after 3-5 hrs or longer depending on how dark you want it. It’s important to remember you won’t look fully tanned until 24hours after showering.

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spray tanning for a wedding

What spray tan colour should I choose

We’ll help you decide based on your event, skin tone and spray tanning history. Classic is the original colour that St Tropez made famous so for a first time spray tan, wedding or formal we’ll recommend Classic.

Should I have a trial spray tan

Any time is a good time for a tan, we all look and feel healthier with a bit of colour so embrace the chance to enjoy your first spray tan. If you’re a bride to be the engagement party or hens night is a great time to have a trial spray tan if you would like one. Phone us now via the link at the top of the page if you’re ready to make a spray tan booking.  

What happens during my spray tan

For a nice even all over colour you do have to take your clothes off. It’s worth mentioning – we have done thousands of spray tans and only a couple of models.

We’re not judging or looking, just making sure you’re comfortable and getting a great even tan.

We have a private room and will provide you with a disposable g string and protective hair cap. If you would prefer to wear your own dark coloured underwear you are very welcome to wear your own.

Before we start to tan we apply a protective moisturiser if it’s needed to the elbows, knees and cuticles so the colour doesn’t grab in these areas.

Then we start tanning. 2 coats of all over gorgeous colour, we’ll check the colour and ask you to check it as well before we air dry the spray tan with warm air. If you would like your face tanned one coat of colour is sprayed to complete your look. 100% fabulous and beautifully tanned. St Tropez spray tan has aroma guard technology so it smells great during and after the application plus the spray tanning room is ducted to remove any over spray.

When you first shower

A Classic or Dark spray tan will have been happily processing for a number of hours. You may be looking quite dark! When you shower you won’t loose your tan just the colour indicator. It’s very important to just let the water run over you while the colour indicator rinses off. The water will run off a greenish brown, don’t use soap, exfoliants or dry yourself vigorously as that will start removing the tan. The spray tan has only coloured your epidermis ( top layer of skin). The tan will continue to develop for 24 hours.

If you have had an Express tan showering it off after only 3-5+ hours (depending on the colour you want) is a leap of faith. Have faith it will work – it’s St Tropez. Let the water run over you, be gentle and pat dry. The tan will be fully developed at 24 hours.

How long will my St Tropez spray tan last

The more time you spend in the water – showering, swimming, spa pools the quicker a spray tan will fade, the more care you take the longer it will last.

Your St Tropez tan will look it’s best for the first 3-5 days then fade out evenly after a week. You can easily keep your colour looking gorgeous for longer by using St Tropez gradual tan everyday moisturiser or mousse as you’re starting to notice the colour fading.

Join the converted – Experience the thrill of a beautiful St Tropez spray tan at House of Beaute.  Call me if you have any questions or book your spray tan appointment now using the phone link at the top of the page.

Robyn Prinsep

Salon Owner/ Expert Beauty Therapist

House of Beaute



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